My clients are successful professionals and students who are accomplished in many areas of their lives. And: that’s usually why they hire me: to continue to question, explore, challenge and to continue to expand to their greatest potential. They all desire to make their lives as meaningful as possible personally as well as professionally.  Thomas Leonard said, “you can do great things or you can just be great.”  My clients are just that, GREAT! And it has been an honor to serve them.

Testimonials and Referrals

Choosing to have a coach is clearly a personal decision. As an audit partner from a major CPA firm who was in charge of a regional segment of an industry group, one could ask why would I need a coach? In my circumstances having the ability to dialogue with an interested person who was not personally involved in the situation and/or not a friend, allowed for a professional element to the process. Teresa was the right coach for me. We share a common spiritual belief, which provides Teresa the ability to understand my underlying approach to my business life. I recommend Teresa highly.
Tina C., CPA

Before working with Teresa, I felt stuck. I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take professionally. Personally, I needed structure to balance and achieve all the things I wanted to do. Teresa was masterful in helping me work through the obstacles getting in my way. She challenged me, supported me and together we strategized piece by piece to create an action plan on how to make things happen. Now, I am that much closer to reaching my goal to become a teacher for visually impaired students. I am so grateful for Teresa’s coaching.
Ana Escobar, Teacher/Student

Teresa has truly helped me understand the benefits of feeling ‘championed’ by another human being through her life-coaching skills.  She inspires me, not just from her patient way of listening to my thoughts and concerns, but also has a unique way of tapping into what drives me, and then has helped me set goals that would have been much more difficult to accomplish without her constant help and genuine concern for my well being.  She has motivated me to continue to push forward to be the best man I can possibly be, all while living the fullest most incredible life I could imagine.
Triston Williams, Estimator/Project Manager

“Thanks for your insight and inspiration…it truly has made a difference in how I’m looking at things and managing my time”
Gloria Epperson, Terra Firma Global Partners 

“Thank you for your guidance, wisdom, encouragement and joy over the past few months.  I feel so alive!
Christine GoodinPrandi Property Management

“Teresa, your coaching was truly a gift that helped me find ways to live, rather than just survive a job that is loaded with pressure.  Your questions were always on the mark, and helped me to reflect on ways to live more joyfully.”
Lexie Sifford, Elementary School Principal