With a strong cup of French Roast adulterated with sugar and cream, Pink Martini playing in the background to set the mood, I have been spending my Saturday mornings reading about, dreaming about and wallowing in the colors of France.

I’ve checked out helpful blogs. Paris Perfect

Listened to tutorials on French pronunciation. The Sounds of French

Virtually visited museums, churches and gardens. Virtual Tour

Mapped the route of our upcoming bike ride through the Loir Valley.

Admired photos from my favorite travel photographer, A Far Corner

Have planned our Paris itinerary knowing full well that it will likely change.

Because, I am well aware that the loveliest of experiences are often the most spontaneous, when we veered left instead of right. When the moments of frustration turn to laughter. When the people we met along the way, gave us a peek into their lives and often crowded out the memories of the museums, gardens and  churches.

I love stepping off the trail of the tourist and try to imagine what my life might be like if I was displaced in a foreign land. Would I adapt? Whither away with the unfamiliar?  Thrive?

The adventure awaits and until then, I dream.

Paris at Home

Paris at Home














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  1. Whither? You? NEVER!!! Non vedo l’ora!!! I’m dreaming too 🙂

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