On a personal note, I pay very close attention to couples whose relationships are magnificent. They do exist.  Never without adversity.  Turmoil is just life doing its thing. In fact, learning to cope with life’s setbacks, can deepen love, make it more interesting and certainly more meaningful, especially if it’s navigated with grace, forgiveness and love. 

And what I notice is that there is an appreciation to the soft times, the sweet times, when everything seems to flow.  These times are savored and appreciated. 

But most importantly, there is attention to personal accountability. Because, dependency on someone else for happiness, over time, can kill the spark in the relationship.

Think of your relationships, romantic or otherwise.  Are your actions aligned with what you seek and desire? 

How emotionally independent are you?

Are you kind, compassionate, empathetic?

Do you exude warmth, affection? 

Do you laugh freely? Are you fun?

Do you put forth effort to look nice, show interest?

Do you keep that physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual spark alive?

Are you authentically you?

What do you need to STOP doing?

SIMPLIFY! Pick one, just one area that could use improvement and notice if there is a shift in the quality of love. Then keep doing that.

Relationships evolve, grow and deepen when there is attention to how you behave.  Now stop doing what is holding you back.


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6 Responses to SIMPLIFY LOVE

  1. Matt says:

    As always I’m a big fan of your work!! ❤️ You friend

  2. Dolores says:

    Always thoughtful, meaningful, and inspirational.love, Dolores

  3. Pauline says:

    Beautiful reminder to let go of our ego and look inside ourselves! Thank you for the reminder,

  4. Desire Hart says:

    Teresa, miss you. Time to meet up and share our lives. Meet you soon ?? Desi

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