How do you say Duck in Italian? That was the question my husband and I were discussing on our morning commute. We both knew the word began with an A.

Digging down to the wee depths of our collective wee brains, back and forth we did that thing;

“No that’s the word for spider.”

“ That can’t be right.”

“Hang on I’m thinking.”

Then, quiet. About 5 minutes of quiet. I knew that he was thinking about the word for duck. He knew that I was.

Finally, nearing our destination, one of us, I think he, blurts out l’anatra!

Bravissimo! We got it. Satisfying.

Now we could move on to the next topic of conversation. Perhaps something more serious like world events?  Except that the commute was ending.

And the duck convo was over!

Until tonight, when I signed in to Duolingo to try to get beyond “39% fluency” (according to my scores).

To my delight, look what was the first word I had to identify:




Hooray for me!


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5 Responses to What’s the Word for Duck?

  1. Gary Oefinger says:

    Tu sei l’anatra pui bella del mondo!

  2. I like this part… “Hang on I’m thinking.” Then, quiet. About 5 minutes of quiet…..
    In this world where information and answers are generally instantaneous, there is joy in taking the time to think and be quiet in order to figure something out! Bravo for improving your score later in the day 🙂

  3. Merci beaucoup! It’s great to learn something new everyday !!

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