Today, for about 30 minutes when I got home from work, I did nothing. I literally sat in my backyard and stared into the space of the trees and flowers.  The dog was chasing bees.  It was unusually warm and the cushions on the outdoor furniture warmed my back.  There were hummingbirds flitting about the feeder in the tree that appears to be dying.

Thankfully, I was not reflecting on my day.  I wasn’t dreaming about the future.  There were no thoughts about preparing dinner or nightly chores.  I wasn’t thinking about the in vogue idea of “being in the moment”.

There I sat, “just chillin”.  It wasn’t planned.  Or contrived. It just happened. Organically. What a gift.

Lovely, no?

Give it a go. It feels great.

In the Garden

In the Garden



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4 Responses to Doing Nothing

  1. Gary says:

    Did you realize I was next to you??

  2. That’s what I call “Ad Hoc”!!! In the moment!! Enjoy our spectacular weather!

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