Three friends, and a relative have died too soon. In their fifties, they were all just beginning to enjoy their second act, the act where the empty nest promised new adventures.

All four of these adults were accomplished in their lives, receiving accolades on behalf of their contributions to others. All were generous of spirit. All raised lovely children with strong family ties. All were givers.

I feel a profound sense of loss slightly different from the loss I feel when a grandparent or aging parent passes away. It hits home in a way that makes me want to scream to my kids, “LIVE FULLY A LIFE RICH IN EXPERIENCES.”

I understand that life is fleeting. I believe in spirit. I am touched by the fragility of watching adult men settle in and come to terms with their mortality, kicking and screaming at first, then breathing into their destiny, and saying goodbye gracefully.

Those left in the wake of the commotion, feel helpless, raw and confused. Like when a child passes before their parents, what is the point of that?

Why must we know, understand and wish it were not so?

Perhaps that is how it should be, mysterious so that we ponder our purpose, so that we develop grace. So that embedded in our DNA is a sacred memory of all those who have touched us.

And we realize that each day is a gift and there are no guarantees. So that we learn to appreciate and lead a life rich in love.

Where are you going?






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7 Responses to In Memory

  1. Belissimo Mother Teresa!!!

  2. Gary Oefinger says:

    thank you Honey, this helps, a little…. Rest in Peace Cousin George…

  3. Amy says:

    Thank you for this ones! It is beautiful!

  4. Alyse Sheffield says:

    This is beautiful, Teresa. My heart is heavy but it has acted as a reminder to live a life ‘rich of experince and love’. God bless you.

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