Change can be scary and risky. Change can also be exhilarating and liberating. Change can awaken creativity and tug at the deep and unexplored depths of passion. And that’s what it did for Kelli.

Spanish teacher extraordinaire, it wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy teaching, she did. Very much. And she was good at it. She had been teaching for a number of years, spending endless, yet satisfying hours planning lessons, correcting projects, motivating teenagers, conferencing with parents, writing recommendations, leading trips to Spanish speaking countries.

She wanted to have more time and energy to create and explore what might be next for her. She embraced the risky, scary and unknown and took the proverbial leap of faith. She quit her job and started a company.

Madera Collection

Madera means wood in Spanish.

     “I want everything to have an element of wood, because I love working with wood! My Dad was a carpenter so I learned to work with wood from him at a very early age.  I also taught myself to make jewelry at a young age.  However, it wasn’t until the past couple of months that I’ve combined these two passions, into one. It’s really fun and it’s an unusual combination, wood and jewelry as well as wood and female wood workers” Kelli 

Unique and beautiful jewelry.

Leaf Statement Necklace

Necklace, leaves in the woodsShe designs and creates. She is teaching women how to work with wood. Kelli is doing what she loves and loving every minute of it.

On behalf of Kelli and Creatives everywhere, I salute you!

See Kelli’s etsy account and type in wholelifeliving in the coupon code for a 20% discount until the end of January.

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