July 3rd, our Tahoe condo sprung a leak in the tubing of the newly purchased refrigerator’s ice line. A big leak. A thousands of dollars worth of damage kind of leak.

A massive, monumental leak in my energy. At least initially.

July 7th, the line leaked again! Upon entering our condo, we were stunned by what we saw! It was raining in our hallway. With trepidation, moving from room to room, we assessed the damaged. Floors soggy and ruined, cabinetry damaged, ceilings, and walls soaked and stained. Carpet, irreparable.

The problem appeared daunting. Where to begin? We couldn’t stay there and the drive was 3+ hours away.

This is what I noticed, what should have been more angst, was morphing into mild, morbidly fascinating amusement. I felt like I was watching myself looking at the mess.

Husband and I (mostly husband) would tackle the “problem” step by step. We did, and it took months.

This wasn’t the last of the water issues, however.

August 10th, leak in our irrigation system. Fixed.

November 30th standing water by the Hot Water Heater in the garage. New water heater required. Done.

Dec. 10th, standing water in our car! Cleaned up.

Message from the gods? Plug up those leaks T. Oefinger!!!!! Re-energize, redo, reset your energetic set point.

So here is what I did and continue to do. I intentionally was/am grateful for:

            Being so fortunate to have a condo in Tahoe. I did not grow up with such luxury.

Having a home with the means to water the garden.

Hot water. Clean water. Water with which to bathe, cook, drink that won’t make me sick.

A car to be transported.

The ability to fix these problems.

And now, a storm. A blessed relief for our drought stricken California Bay Area.

So far, as I watch the intensity of the rain from my window, the damage is minimal. Our holes are plugged up. The creek is full, but not flooding. Not yet.

These months of water out, water in are insignificant in the vast scheme of things that could go wrong. I know this, I continue to remind myself of this. And it helps.

Perspective helps me FLOW through big and little problems. Deep, authentic, meaningful gratitude for the abundance of the blessings and the occasional problems however big or small, help keep me from spiraling.

Sometimes storms last awhile. There will be more coming. But weather them, I will.

Oh, and LAUGHTER helps too!







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  1. Excellent story Teresa! You are a very strong/wonderful woman…you just have to laugh and keep on keepin on!

  2. Mike P. says:

    Hang in there! You’re doing great so far!!

  3. Dennis Bolin says:

    Teresa and Gary, hang in there(or their) it will only get better for you and Gary both of you are great people i’ve know you both for 20 + years. You have two BEAUTIFUL Daughters and thousands of friends those thing that happen just happen no one was hurt only some damage that can be fixed and they were only minor damage done.You, Gary and the Girls plus all your friends are OK Thats the best news.God Bless you and all your family and friends.Love your friend. Dennis Bolin

  4. Love how you were able to ‘turn it around’ and see a whole different meaning that a lot of people would not be able to see. Yep, gratitude does change ones perspective. Thanks for the reminder. And hopefully this is all cleared up and next year will bring no new leaks to plug up!

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