The following quotes were taken from a recent text exchange about a teacher and a student.

Some people just light up a room, those whose presence lights up others.

Some people have the amazing ability to make others feel worthy without trying.

“The Captain’s investment in my life has really meant a lot to me.”

Magnetic. A magnetism that pulls and holds close.

“ A mainstay and support for me since I was 12.”

And when it’s natural, it’s so lovely, so sacred.

“He was someone who had faith in me during a period in my life when

            I didn’t have much faith in myself.”

“The Captain”, my husband, the mentor of a young boy who is now a man.

“The Captain was about 5 years younger than I am now when he was my teacher.”

A man with a wife and a daughter.

A man who was a deep thinker as a teen, who had the soul of a poet.

And now, the wisdom of a preacher. Calling others closer, “listen, can I share?”

A man who was never shy about telling his mentor how much he meant to him, even as an insecure teen. Even now, as a 38 year-old father.

And his mentor was so honored then. And is so honored still.

“We’ve kept in touch over the years.”

Who exalts you? Who makes you feel worthy? Have you told them?

“And somehow his belief in me that I could and WOULD overcome….”

Please do, it’s so nice to know.


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One Response to WHO ELEVATES YOU?

  1. Gary says:

    That’s an easy one…you do!

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