The plight of Monarchs concerns me. With the help of a very talented Marin County Master Gardener, and some very ambitious students, we have designed a Monarch Way Station. A CERTIFIED Monarch Way Station!

                                         The garden requires maintenance.

Native Milkweed

Native Milkweed

And patience.

Some years their populations are better than others.

Students come. Students leave. They grow up and move on.

Second and third generation butterflies return. Drink, lay eggs, live and flit around the garden.

Taken in 2014

Nectar From Milkweed

Eggs hatch. Caterpillars thrive.

Munching on the leaves!

Munching on the leaves!

Chrysalis forms in the most unusual places.

Interesting Choice of Chrysalis Formation!

Interesting Choice of Chrysalis Formation!

Butterflies emerge. Fly away. Move on. Just like the kids.

Up Close Before Flight!

Up Close Before Flight!

From CURIOSITY to PASSION, I love this project.  I love the beauty of nature. I love the idea of making a difference. No matter how small. It’s a difference.

Challenge:  Check out the links above.  Plant Milkweed. And watch.

Image Credits: Stephanie Weiss and Teresa Oefinger


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2 Responses to Monarchs!

  1. Mike P. says:

    The Center for Biological Diversity has petitioned Fish & Wildlife service for protection for Monarchs under the Endangered Species Act. Californians for Western Wilderness has signed on in support of this effort.

    • Teresa Oefinger says:

      Yes, thank you, Mike. So many threatened species. I’m not surprised Californians for Western Wilderness has supported the efforts.

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