Attention Parents, family, friends and colleagues! Sometimes, the best advice is no advice.

Restrain from being the “know it all”, even if you are an expert.

Offer advice only when asked. And even then, do so with caution.

Frame it more like possibilities, options.

People just want to be heard.  So listen.  It’s not easy.  Takes a boatload of self-control. Because with age, comes wisdom and we really do know the answers. But sometimes we don’t.

Staying silent can feel enlightening, soft, easy.

Take it or leave it.

You know best.

Even when you don’t.

Confused?  Yeah, I know.  Me too!

Me Not Giving Advice

Me Not Giving Advice

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5 Responses to Need Advice?

  1. Gary Joseph Oefinger says:

    NOW you tell me! LOL

  2. That’s great Teresa! However, I can give advice when it comes to interior design work! Wherever it’s a color, a kitchen or bath, I’m confident that I can give expert advice

  3. Barbara Creamer says:

    I think that “look” you are giving in the photo – suggests far more than any advice you might be tempted to impart!

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