The path from my house leads to a town seasoned with charm.

I walked and walked and walked around my little neighborhood with my little dog.

For two hours we meandered up and down the streets, paths and river’s edge, enjoying the light, the sleepy Sunday morning.

I walked passed a Vintage Lumber Yard and imagined the new tables that came from the wood of old barns.

Old Wood

I walked along the River, the trees leafless in the autumn morning light.

Old boats drifted by.

old boat

Lots to soak up. Riverside restaurants.

Galleries aplenty.

Cocolat Cafes.

After two hours, on my way back home, look what I found.

Lucky me.  Today was a good day.

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2 Responses to Lucky Me!

  1. Gary Joseph Oefinger says:

    You didn’t mention that that was immediate Karma for the $ you gave the needy woman near the gas station…coincidence? I think not!

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