My sister grows the most amazing tomatoes! Visually stunning.  Sweet and Juicy.

The sauce she makes is Bon Appetit worthy!  Slow cooked all day.

Slow Cooking All Day

Mary’s Sauce

Tenderly she attends to the seedings, careful to add just the right amount of water.  Too much equals blossom rot.  Too little and the plants won’t thrive.

Daily, she assesses the growth and counts the days until the first blossoms emerge.  In a good way, she loses herself in the garden.

Weeds do not grace the same space as the tomatoes.

Between each plant, Sweet Basil.

Harvest time begins mid summer, tempting to eat them right off the vine.

Plenty to share.

Harvest Time

And ends mid-October, tomato soup.

Unplugged. Time lapse.  Gardening delight.

We call it “TOMATO THERAPY”!

What are you doing when life is suspended for a minute?

Every day, find time to do what you love.

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3 Responses to TOMATO THERAPY

  1. Gary says:

    I’m a beneficiary of those tomatoes!! Thank you Mary!

  2. Where is that tomato soup recipe Teresa??!!!

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