In the past 9 months, our family has taken three trips, New York, Carmel and one to Palm Desert.  Although the trips were not exotic, I cherish our time together and return home uplifted.


Because we PLAY.



We play cards and it can get outrageously competitive.  Fist fights?  Almost.

And we SING.

We listen to music and sing. The senior member of our group does an uncanny impression of Spike Jones, which usually draws a crowd in the resort lounge.  Vacationers and employees gather around him in awe of the perfectly timed lip-syncing, horn blowing, two-step pantomime.  Oh to be so talented!

And we DANCE.

We dance in the Hotel lobbies, music blasting, attracting attention and inviting others to join us.  Surprisingly, people on vacation are drawn in to the silliness and fun.  Strangers take part in spontaneous dancing or in the last case, a dance competition!

And we LAUGH.


We laugh at our card playing, music loving, dancing, song singing silliness.

One does not have to go on vacation to enjoy these effects.  With just the right amount of immaturity, a touch of creativity, and letting go of inhibitions and judgments from others, you too can alter your levels of serotonin and energize yourself and others around you.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Try it.  It’s fun!



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  1. Gary Joseph Oefinger says:

    GREAT times!!!

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