“These are the days that try men’s souls.”  And women’s.  Everyone encounters these days from time to time.  And I am not under the illusion that you can change your feelings just by saying, “I am feeling good.”  NO! This makes me feel ever more cranky.

It is my experience that if I acknowledge, wallow a bit and recognize that life isn’t pleasant at all times, I move out of that place just a little faster.  It’s when I pretend that the problems do not exist, that the foul mood lingers. (This does NOT mean to broadcast these feelings for all to see and hear.  Nobody enjoys being around a complainer.)

Example: This week my job as a teacher was exceptionally stressful.  There were endless papers to grade, parents aggressively wanting those grades changed, students who were absent and needed special attention, not to mention the end of the school year business that consumes massive amounts of time.

Effect: Fatigued, cranky and downright agitated. It did not help to respond in a way that pretended those issues, as trivial as they seemed, did not exist.

What did help, was to look the issues square in the eye, admit that they depleted every ounce of energy I was trying to hang on to, acknowledge my feelings, take a deep breath and accept it.  As the pig in the movie BABE would say, “the way things are, are the way things are”. Then and only then, could I begin to move out of my doldrums and into a state of forward momentum.

So, minute by minute, I felt myself emerging from the gloom.  Hour by hour, I began to reason that, this is life.  It’s messy, chaotic and perfectly imperfect some of the time. It has its ups and downs, successes and failures, despairs and joys. Even the most enlightened soul experiences these normal feelings.

Lesson: Give yourself permission to feel what you feel, be where you need to be.  This allowing will revive ones soul.  This acceptance can help one recognize that the stressful times will soon pass and will make those everyday moments, the moments without drama, seem sweeter.

Relief.  And happiness once more.

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How do you move out of a foul mood?

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4 Responses to BAD DAY, BAD MOOD!

  1. Gary Joseph Oefinger says:

    We got through it though, didn’t we? See you at the Wyoming Inn 🙂

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