Meet Triston!

TW face only


A young man of character who is learning to be unapologetic for what he longs for, hence the photo.  At least part of what he longs for.

When Triston first put it out there this desire to become a fitness model, he took some flack among friends.  Some thought he was showing off.  Judgment?  Jealousy?  And it bothered him.  He cared what others thought, perhaps a bit too much. He needed to care just a bit less about what others thought and a bit more about what he thought to move forward with his plan.

Triston’s desire to pursue modeling has nothing to do with arrogance and much to do with challenging himself, pushing himself to his physical and mental limits, while he continues with his day job, which by the way, he takes very seriously.

Triston is a man of character.  One who contemplates everything almost to a fault; his relationships, professional development, how he spends his free time. He attends to his spiritual needs without grand standing.  Triston pays attention to his Whole Life and has become quite clear on what is important to him and how he wants to feel.

Not obvious from these photos is his generosity.  His generous love for his friends and family.  His generous spirit.  The determined way in which he is willing to question, explore, plan and execute.  And the flexibility that’s needed to make adjustments along the way.

What else is not obvious is how very humble and vulnerable he is.  He can laugh at himself and appreciate his own uniqueness.  He appreciates and respects the uniqueness in others.

I wish I could take coaching credit for the muscles in that photo.  But what I can take credit for is helping him to get clear on his dreams and being a fan, a champion to his desires.

Worrying  too much about the opinions of others or being judged,  can inhibit our best selves.

Keep at it Triston.  Go for it and apologize to NO ONE!






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  1. Very interesting indeed!

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