That’s my husband.  He communicates directly and honestly better than most anyone I know.  He doesn’t waste his energy trying to orchestrate the words with nuance.  Because, when we do that, often the true meaning of what we want to say gets lost in the translation.  The message gets convoluted and we start dialoging in circles around each other.  That’s frustrating.

How does he do it?  He’s fearless when it comes to communication.  Why?  Because time is precious, expensive and often wasted tap dancing around what needs to be understood.  He’s professional and understands that not everyone will agree with him, and he’s ok with that.  It’s liberating to get to a place where the opinions of others do not inhibit what needs to be said.

Yet, he knows when to interject tenderness.  He listens carefully.  He seeks to understand, by asking clarifying questions. And, he is succinct with his responses.  With him, one always knows where he stands. He’s honest.

Skilled communicators know when not to speak.  They will edit their words and limit meaningless dialog.  They take the less is more approach, so that when they do speak up, people listen.

I respect direct, honest, succinct communication.  I watch people like my husband carefully and admire the ease with which they express themselves. They get to the point.  Fast!

I’m becoming less concerned about what others think about me, and that frees me up to be honest.  It’s certainly less exhausting.

Do you tap dance around what needs to be communicated?

What would it be like if you respectfully spoke your truth unapologetically?

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