Today, I watched my dog chase bees buzzing around the blooming wisteria.

In awe, I spent time watching 3 hummingbirds hover from the feeder near those same bushes.  I sat in the sun and just watched, intrigued and appreciative for the time.


Hummer drinking

It felt luxurious to do nothing.  To not have a plan.  To relax.

Not Drinking

Hummer 1

Just because the weekend affords some of us a little bit of time off, does not mean we have to book every minute of it.

All this talk about mindfulness lately, there’s something to it.  No thinking about the past, no dreaming about the future.  In the moment.  Just watching.

I’ll take more of that!

How about you?

How do you spend part of your time off?

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3 Responses to IN THE MOMENT, TRY IT!

  1. Agreed!!! I love not having plans and just going with the flow….it’s great to wake up on Saturday morning and not have the pressure of plans!!

  2. I agree completely! I love to not be scheduled out all weekend, aren’t we that way all week? I love waking up on Saturday and not having any pressure to do anything…

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