Give yourself permission to abort mission that is

     a. not working

     b. a time suck

     c. is not longer inspiring

     d. does not align with your values

Case Study

I have a highly productive client who works at a demanding, yet very satisfying job full time while trying to launch a part-time business on the side. The side business has great income potential but getting it off the ground is draining her energy and enthusiasm.  The insurance required, license needed and building a client base is taking time away from her day job and personal life.  And, once launched, the demands on her time will not let up due to the nature of the business.

She feels tired, uninspired and just a bit guilty for feeling this way.

She tried to imagine juggling both careers and discovered that she didn’t want to live her life constantly working.  Having  additional financial success is not worth giving up her desire to eat well, exercise, get enough sleep and socialize with friends.

The cost on her personal life, she decided, is not worth it.

Once the decision was made to postpone the venture for now, she felt immensely relieved and instantly energized.

If the benefits outweigh the cost, and the goal is meaningful and generates positive feelings, I say go for it.  If not, let it go.

Explore at a deeper level what is meaningful.  What feels sustainable.

Keep asking yourself “What will that get me”?  In other words, how will your decisions, goals, dreams and desires align with not only what you want on the outside, but also how you want to FEEL ON THE INSIDE.

How do you want to FEEL on the inside?  What will it take to get that?










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