I had to hang out for 3 hours after work before attending a retreat-planning meeting.  Spent half of that time browsing in the bookstore, lost in the fact and fictional worlds of others.

Act two, what to do?

I chose to spend the second half of the time dining alone.  Usually, when I find myself alone at a restaurant or coffee shop, I have my head buried in a book or a puzzle.  So this time, aside from taking a photo of my tasty meal to send to hubby, I wanted to see how it would be to focus on the meal sans distractions.  No book. No puzzle.  No conversation. Eat alone.  Notice others.  Savor the scents.  Pay attention.

Here is what I noticed:

My server was a young, handsome, tattooed covered Latino man who warmed up the goat cheese on my toast!  His smile was bright, lovely.

I could hear the employees in the kitchen talking about the playoff game and how the 49ers should have used the “time outs” more strategically.

Someone in the kitchen dropped a plate. 

The woman sitting 4 tables away from me had her head buried in her Ipad watching a show! In a cafe!  I reminded myself not to judge. She commanded the server to bring her salad on a smaller plate!  Thanked him. 

There were two friends on the other end of the restaurant engrossed in a conversation. 

Someone ordered a plate heavy in garlic.  Not sure what it was.

My food was beautifully, yet simply presented.

It tasted delightful, slightly savory.

I squirmed a bit, when other patrons glanced my way. 

Resisted temptation to pull out my puzzle. 

Finished my meal. Slowly, purposefully.

All senses satisfied.

Filled up.

Left a generous tip. 

On my way out, I glanced and waved to the young tattooed man.  He smiled and waved back. 

Your solo experiences?  Share.


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2 Responses to DINING SOLO!

  1. Shawn Keenan says:

    Being aware of your surroundings is critical to being a good writer. Your imagination needs some concrete tools for building your descriptions, your worlds, and your characters.

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