I love Christmas.  I do.  But I LOVE when it’s over.

There is fullness in the nothingness that accompanies my space the days after Christmas.  I never feel let down when the day has passed.  I dream about the coming year, the potential and the possibilities.

And I make time to do these things:                                                                                                                  

I hike. It makes me feel connected to nature.

I walk. I see things in my neighborhood that I might not notice when I jog.

I read. I lose myself in a story not about ME!

I spend time with my family.  Can’t get enough of that.

I enjoy the present moment. This reduces worry. It’s good for my soul.

I do nothing.  A lot.

And, I am very aware that my career choice allows for the luxury to do exactly what I want.  I am very grateful for that.

For me, this quietness is where my sense of spirit recovers from the normal chaos of life and then soars.  It’s when I pay close attention to how I conducted myself in the past year.  I evaluate how successful I was, or not.  When I am tempted to be critical, I remind myself to be gentle.

The following questions are helpful in taking a self-inventory.  The questions may not be easy to answer. The responses require thought and contemplation. Some of the questions are from the Coaches Training Institute and some are from The Fire Started Sessions by Danielle Laporte.  Some are from me.

Considering these will stir up ideas for what’s possible.

1. What are you passionately interested in? 

2.  How do you want to FEEL in your life?  Just brainstorm, let them flow and don’t worry about how it sounds. 

3.  Think about one or two people you know who really inspire you.  What about them is inspiring?

4. What activities make you feel really useful, alive, purposeful and strong?

5. What special knowledge do you have? What are you good at?

6. What do you want more of?

7.  What would you like your life to look like in 1 year? 5 years?

     Don’t be shy. THINK BIG!!!!

8. What two steps could you immediately take that would make the biggest               difference in your current situation?

When finished, look for consistencies.  Was there a theme?  Did a certain feeling come forth when answering.  Example: Are you longing for adventure, peace, challenge, connection, service?  

As you develop your dreams and goals for 2014, pay attention to this one last question:

WHAT WILL THAT GET YOU?  From there, begin dreaming and designing your year.



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  1. Gary says:

    You are the most successful person I know!

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