On Saturday my husband and I went Christmas Tree “hunting” sans daughters.  In our family, each of us have specific jobs to do; husband and older daughter put up the lights on the house, husband and younger daughter go in search of the “perfect” tree.  My job is to decorate it.

But, as luck would have it once again this year, I would have to fill in for younger chick as she holds down a job while finishing college.  Last year, the experience of searching for the “perfect” tree was excruciating, mostly due to my bad attitude.  It was not romantic in any sense of the imagination while endlessly perusing a crowded Tree Lot with precut trees wrapped up in mesh.

This year I was determined to spice it up.  Attitude in check and all decked out in hiking boots and gloves, off we go to Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm only five miles from our house.

Little Hills

The weather was a crisp 40 something and air fresh from previous nights rain.  The farm was lovely.  Santa was there. Toy soldiers graced the entryway.

me ans soldier

Up and down the rows of trees we amble, husband in full commentary mode about the defects of each one we consider.  This one too short.  That one too skinny.  Too bushy, not bushy enough.


This one, I was tempted to buy as a joke to play on our kids.

Golden Tree

Finally, we narrow it down to two. We were not thrilled with either, but enjoying the pursuit. We decided to keep searching. As we trudge back towards the front of the farm, we spot it, the tree for us.  Not too tall, not too short, not too bushy, not too skinny.

I stand guard while mountain man goes for the saw.  Channeling his inner lumberjack, he artfully saws off the lower trunk tree. “TIMBER”  Tree paid for, loaded on car all within two delightful hours.

my lumberjack

Mission accomplished and I must say it was a pleasure! My attitude was playful, chipper, fun.

Until…. Tree home and decked out in all it’s  splendor, we hear a very loud noise from the living room. Rats, it fell over hitting a table and knocking over a lamp and a plant.  There were ornaments askew, lights falling off and water from the stand soaking the wood floor.

The words coming from my thoughts would make a sailor blush.  Attitude not good.

Neither of us majored in engineering, but truthfully, we were not about to disassemble everything and start from scratch.  Somehow, together, we were able to lift the tree with everything on it, saw off the bottom to shorten the trunk, remove old trunk stump, lift and slide tree back in place in it’s sturdy stand, readjust the lights, and attach fallen ornaments!

A Christmas Miracle.  Attitude positive once again!








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