There is a squirrel trapped somewhere inside the engine of our car ever since the unfortunate day the little critter dashed in front of this moving machine on our way home from work.  How that happened without blood and guts everywhere, we just don’t know.

Day 1!

Our mechanic thought we were NUTS! We had implored, begged, pleaded, cajoled this talented young man to remove the squirrel trapped somewhere inside the engine. Please!

He humored us and examined the car. With a slight, but respectful note of exasperation, he assured us, “There is no animal trapped inside your engine!”

But, we had auditory evidence! My husband heard it, my neighbor heard it, I heard it and our dog grew agitated whining and sniffing around the invisible but loud chirping sounds coming from inside the car.  Did you know that squirrels make noises like barking dogs or chirping birds?  Poor thing sounded distressed.

But we couldn’t see it.

Day 2!

I was beginning to think we were NUTS! Then, much to our relief, we saw the bushy tail sticking out from the front grill.  Visual Evidence! Hopeful this time that we would be believed, off we drove back to the auto shop for a second time to beg our ever-patient mechanic to remove the elusive animal. Wish we had taken a picture.

This time it would cost us.  He opened hoods, removed grills, put the car on a lift, but no squirrel!  If the first time wasn’t’ bad enough, he looked at us the second time like we were crazy.  “NO SQUIRREL! NO ANIMAL! NO NOTHING! JUST INANIMATE PIECES OF MACHINERY!”

With just a suggestion of ever-increasing impatience, he repeated, “There is no animal trapped inside your engine!” 

I can just imagine him returning home to his wife beginning his sentence with; “You’ll never guess what I had to deal with today!”

Day 3!

No noise, no visual evidence to speak of.  Did the squirrel escape? Is it still somewhere within the car hungry, thirsty, dying a slow death?

Can prayers be answered for a squirrel?

Twenty-five dollars later and an inordinate amount of time worrying, still no squirrel.

Are we NUTS?

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