Thirty years ago, I got hitched.  Our wedding was very modest, a budget affair that by today’s standards would possibly be described as “quaint”.  It was a memorable day with pouring rain that wreaked havoc on my hair, flowers that did not arrive in time and music that was too loud.

Despite the rain, the flowers, the hair and music, the day was sweet.  I can’t really remember what food was served, if my shoes flattered my second hand dress, or what the cake tasted like.  I do, however, remember the happiness, optimism and love that possessed me that day.  The joy.

And I think the joy set the tone for our life together.

Fast-forward thirty years, two daughters, four dogs, three parent deaths, careers as teachers, travelers, lovers of Italian, baseball fans, little things that define our family and all the challenges in life that no one is immune to, I still feel the happiness, optimism and love that embraced me that day.

It has been a wonderful thirty years.  Simply joyful!

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