I have had the good fortune to spend two get-a-away trips with friends in the past 3 months.  Each time, I came back feeling energized.  Thinking about it, I noticed that each group had all or most of the qualities that make others feel uplifted.

I am reminded that it is important to:

Surround yourself by people who challenge you intellectually. They’ll make you think, debate, rethink and possibly change an idea.  Or not.  The banter can be stimulating and thought provoking. Learning continues throughout life, directly or indirectly.  It’s cool to learn stuff, to be a knower.

Surround yourself by people who make you laugh.  They’ll energize you. You’ll look happier, sweeter, and younger.  Laughter will heal a broken heart, a troubled soul.  You’ll take yourself less seriously.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Surround yourself by givers.  They’ll inspire you to give.  And receive.  There’s nothing more satisfying than the joy in giving something away: a smile, a trinket, an idea, a compliment.  It doesn’t have to be huge. Giving elevates everyone.  Notice that.

Surround yourself by people who are grateful.  People who are in such a state of gratitude that you will be inspired to look around and notice that things are actually pretty good.  All essentials are covered, home, health, happiness, and hope.  Everyone can find something for which to be grateful. Gratitude awakens the spiritual enlightenment that often lies dormant in our chaotic quest for more, more, more.

Bless those who complain, whine, take, take, take.  Those with a negative lens can drain even the most positive among us.  Then, give yourself permission to ditch them.  Or minimize time with them.  They’ll be ok.  And you will be incredibly happier.

And, surround yourself by people who love you.  And love them back.

What kinds of friends surround you?

What kind of friend are you?




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