Increase Productivity, Do Nothing!

Here’s a challenge, this weekend take a day to do nothing.  No chores, no shopping, no professional work, no nothing!

Feeling uncomfortable with that?  That’s fine, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Sometimes our mind, body, spirit needs to recover from all that we take on in this over-stimulated, demanding, fast paced existence.

See how taking a break, affects your spirit, your mind, your productivity.  Did it make you feel uncomfortable, agitated, bored, happy or relaxed?

More importantly, check to see how a respite from any kind of to do list inspires creativity, the ability to solve problems or increases productivity.

No guilt, not regrets, just try it!



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  1. Christine says:

    I remember working on this challenge when I was being coached by you…it was a challenge for sure. But with it came such rich rewards!

    • Teresa Oefinger says:

      Thank you, Christine. It’s not easy, but it really does reset the energy button. And, I remember how enjoyable you were to coach. Teresa

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