Despite it being a Monday, yesterday was a very good day.  Everything just kind of flowed.  I arrived to work early and tackled a boatload of papers to correct.  I got into a rhythm and effortlessly made a significant dent in the pile.

My students were on task, ready to learn and engaging.

Three unexpected last minute donations helped us to exceed our fundraising goal for The Alzheimer’s Walk that’s happening soon.

I received a sweet message from my youngest daughter and my oldest daughter sent a photo of her Halloween decorations in her apartment.

A text of profound gratitude from a client, made me feel proud.

On our run the dog didn’t stop incessantly to sniff every bush for the first mile or so like she usually does.

My lovely mother-in-law reads and loves my blogs.  She told me so in an email.

Nothing monumental happened today.  It was just a sweet, easy day.

Do you ever have days that just flow?  And when you do, do you notice?










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2 Responses to NOT A MANIC MONDAY!

  1. Gary Joseph Oefinger says:

    🙂’s so important that we notice…

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