A 60 year-old client of mine is dreaming of her next career change and setting the bar very high.  When most 60 year olds are looking at retirement, she’s amping up her career pursuits.   I admire her for that.

A 30 year-old client is taking on a physical challenge that is pushing him to new athletic heights.  He’s working hard, changing his old patterns of exercising, eating and sleeping and seeing the results.  Wonderful results!

And a 13 year-old client is imagining what it will be like when he finishes a project of his dreams; a project that requires imagination, organization, creativity and long term planning.  He’s 13!

What do all these wonderful people have in common?  They continue to challenge themselves. They spend time analyzing and clarifying what will make them feel more fulfilled.  They are keenly aware that life is ever changing, never static.  They examine all aspects of their lives, think, choose, plan and put those plans into action.

These individuals pay little attention to any kind of limiting beliefs.  Rather, they look at the reality of the limits or obstacles, temper them, and do not let those trump their dreams.  They go for it.  And they go for it with purpose.

Accomplishing those dreams, in their own way, stretches them, takes them just a bit out of their comfort zones.  And that’s exciting.  The excitement propels them to continue.

There are hiccups along the way.  But those are temporary setbacks that cause them to pause, re-evaluate and strategize how to overcome those obstacles and keep going.  And they do.  They keep going.

Inch by inch, step by step, they stay with what they desire.  Achieving the dream/goal/vision is great.  But even more, it’s the satisfaction of meeting the challenge to make those dreams happen that is so very meaningful.

And it is such a pleasure to support them along the way.

What are your dreams?

What challenges you?

What excites you?

Who supports you?





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