I wanted to win a pair of running shoes.  Especially after last years disappointing results. And a first place would have nice too.

              Me and Kirsten Baldwin Before Run

Before run

I also wanted to improve my time. Considering it was a rather small local race, I thought I just might have a chance.  It was after all only a 5K!

I scoured the times from last year, looked at times of the “competition” and ran the course twice before the event.  After each practice run, I was mildly disappointed as my time did not improve and was in fact SLOWER!

Husband, ever the optimist, assured me that a windy, late afternoon run after a long day at work is not optimal nor indicative of what will be.  What a believer he is!

After the 2012, 5K, Clo The Cow “race”, my wonderful girlfriend, who is the mother of the beautiful young woman in this years pic, comes knocking at my door with her second place prize, a pair of socks.  So impressed was I, and then it dawned on me.  “Wait a minute, if you got second place, I must have gotten first because I came in slightly ahead of you.”

Confused and amused, we looked up the results. Here’s what happened. I was placed in the 50 to 54 year old classification even though I was only one day shy of being 55!  I missed first place by less than a day of my 55th birthday! Rats!

Fast-forward one year later; a pair of shoes was not to be.  Nor was a first place finish. Even though I was among the youngest in my classification, there was a super star woman on the hilly course who just flew by the rest of us, with a time of 23:39, five minutes faster than me. I was both humbled and impressed.

Results: I did beat my last years time by 2 minutes! Hooray! Hubby was right.

After Run

after run

And…. My 3rd place prize!

cropped hat

There’s always next year.  Join me?










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