The parents in our community were absolutely euphoric last week!  Why, you ask? The kids went BACK TO SCHOOL.

Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!

The New, New Year brings on the return to routine.

 Gone are these:

stubby pencils

 And these:

 Unorganized notebook

Hello to these:

 Sharpened pencils

And these:

orgainzed notebook

Chaos is minimized.  Good bye late night hours, hello sunrise.  Even those of us with adult children or no children, welcome a change in the light, the smell of harvest in the air, a slight shift in the order of things.  It’s quieter in the neighborhood. Reflection time.

As the students set new academic goals and desires, adults too can revisit, revise or eliminate ones set 9 months ago during the first New Year.

Clean up, throw out, rethink and begin anew.  Doesn’t that FEEL great?

Amen to that!








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