What kinds of personality traits do you exhibit when it comes to rules?  Does authority intimidate you?  Do you stand up for yourself, go on the defensive or look for ways to compromise? What kinds of non-verbal clues do you employ?

How do you get the desired outcome?

Tips on Speaking:

1.  Be intentional and assume good will.  Stay focused and limit unnecessary words. Time and energy are often wasted in justifying or explaining one’s position.  There may be times when clarification is necessary, be clear, concise, succinct.

2.  Tell the Truth.  In other words, don’t fake it.  Don’t exaggerate. Know what needs to be communicated and have the courage to say it honestly.

3.  Make request.  Would you be willing to…?  Can you help me with…?  The distinction between a request and a demand is not so subtle.  Requesting rather than demanding designs the environment to be much more cooperative.

This Week:  Examine how you communicate.

My goal, when it comes to standing up for myself, be less of a wimp.


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