We took a wrong turn and our one-hour hike stretched into two.  The conversation flowed effortlessly on the first part of the hike.  We just visited, shared our thoughts as they came up, taking turns listening and sharing little thoughts, big thoughts and rambling ideas.

As the conversation lagged during the second half, the lost part, our senses intensified with the silence. The sound of our feet on the soft path suddenly could be heard.  Stepping on the decaying pine needles released the strong scent of pine cooking up from the warm afternoon sun.  The lake in the distance radiated the most brilliant blue.

Eventually, my thoughts quieted along with the conversation.  I know his did too. Instead of proclaiming, we should have gone left when we went right, we just allowed, observed and appreciated the beauty that sometimes gets neglected with the chatter.

There were no major thought-provoking revelations or profound learnings from taking a wrong turn.  We were both lost in thought and then thoughts lost.  It just felt sweet and satisfying to be venturing a different path not yet explored.

I liked not knowing where I was going.


eagle lake

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2 Responses to OFF THE TRAIL!

  1. Gary Joseph Oefinger says:

    The setting was not quite as beautiful as the company… 🙂

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