Speaking of gastronomy, during a recent conversation about nutrition, my friend and colleague asked me if I saw the recent National Geographic article about sugar.  I had not, and then proceeded to check it out.  Apparently, Americans ingest about 22.7 teaspoons of sugar a day!  The article was lengthy and interesting reporting about the Island of New Guinea where sugar cane was domesticated 10,000 years ago.

Then I read an archived article, Can Sugar Make You Stupid?  Well, it appears it does in mice!  Rats given diets high in fructose syrup were slower at running a maze than the control group.  The article proceeded to describe the science, something to do with synaptic interference.

Then I got to thinking about my own nutrition; how much sugar I ingest on a daily basis, which isn’t too bad.  How many servings of fruits and vegetables I eat, which is pretty good.  But then I began to squirm.  I do adulterate my coffee each morning with half and half and more that a teaspoon of sugar (my husband swears that he adds 3 tsp. to my cup).  And occasionally I fall short on the vegetable servings.

There is a plethora of resources available on nutrition.  And, I find them all very interesting.  But my “gut” tells me that stressing or obsessing about it is also not good for me.

So with an increase in awareness and a slight adjustment in consumption, I promise to decrease the bad stuff and increase the good.

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

—-Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifest


 Our Garden Lettuce

Where can you cut back?  Or do you care?




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