Practicing meditation when my daughters were home was an elusive fantasy.   Rarely was there a moment of silence in our loving, yet busy household.  Twenty minutes of alone time was a rare luxury.  I did not fret about it then, however. My mantra at the time came from the animal flick BABE, “the way things are, are the way things are”.  That kept me in the present moment.

Now with two adult daughters, one out of college and one finishing up, I have more that enough time to indulge in what I love when I return home from work.  I have made meditation a priority.  It makes me happy.  It calms me. It fuels me for the remainder of the evening.  It helps me cope with life’s little problems, big problems, perceived problems.

Science is getting it right.  Universities are studying the affects of meditation on the brain, the heart, and the spirit.  Huffington Post recent article on meditation referenced TED talks, University Studies, and Respected Scientists.

Yet, even without the evidence, I inherently know it’s good for me.  Funny though how the mantra I used years ago when life cannibalized my time is still relevant today.  Yes, “the way things are, are the way things are”.

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