Who says young people are callow, shallow, self-absorbed?  On her way to work, our daughter pulled into line at a Starbucks drive-thru for a cup of coffee.  Much to her surprise and delight, the barista handed the steaming “cup o Joe“ and proclaimed, “no charge”.  Why?  Apparently the car in front of her paid for her treat!

Touched with the sweet gesture she glanced in the mirror at the car behind her.  Yep, kindness paid backwards, that’s exactly what she did, treated the person behind her for coffee without them knowing.

With a feeling of warmth that penetrated deep within her, she drove away. It wasn’t the coffee that produced that sensation.

I imagine the smile on the baristas face on that sunny morning.  And I wonder how far the chain of kindness continued.


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2 Responses to COFFEE KARMA

  1. Amy says:

    How can I ‘like’ this? I know! I will pay it backward at the next opportunity!

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