Funny. I thought I was ready. I really did. I borrowed text from my old website and incorporated new ideas for my new website. I worked with a lovely designer and the scheduled date to launch was June 1. But, life sometimes, takes a slightly different course due to circumstances beyond one’s control. Flexibility is one of my stronger traits so I was ok with that. I would wait.

Here’s what happened…

Last summer, another coach wanted to link my 2005 website within her new one. (Thank you Barbara, from BECOME). However, It didn’t feel right to me and didn’t express who I was now. It did motivate me to begin thinking about creating a new and improved site, though.

Eight months later, on a hike in Zion, Utah, and feeling especially rested, creative and inspired, I began feeling the flow of my “updated”, and “upgraded” ideas. My thought process went something like this: mile 1: I will include a blog. Mile 3: what about a weekly “take action” challenge similar to how teachers encourage students to think beyond the basics? Top of the mountain: I could make it interactive so readers could gain insights on what other readers are thinking and doing.

Coming down the mountain, I wrestled with my doubter, my saboteur, not my best friend, but one who nevertheless from time to time contains a small degree of wisdom. This nemesis was my own inner voice. “Who do you think you are?” “What makes you think anyone would be interested?” “How will you be judged?” But, the beauty of aging is that what others think begins to become less and less important. For the younger readers here, it’s really quite liberating.

Hike complete and extremely satisfying, I recorded the ideas as quickly as I could before they wafted their way out of my mind.

Fast forward three months later… With my website almost ready, I jumped the gun. I knew that the ubiquitous Facebook would be one place to build an audience. I decided to post a request to all friends, family and friends of friends to check it out.

One like, two likes, three likes, four! Soon there were 50 some-odd Likes. It was wonderful. I felt like Sally Fields accepting an Oscar, “You like me, you really like me”! Then this wonderful, smart, pragmatic husband of mine thought he would take a look. “ Uh, Teresa, I don’t see a link to your website.”

I felt the blood draining out of my face. “It’s there,” I argued, willed, coerced and hoped. Sure enough, the post only directed folks to my incomplete, nothing-on-it, content-void Facebook site. Friends, family and friends of friends were “liking” a title, a concept and maybe just a little bit, “liking” me.

Take two! Repost with an explanation that still makes me laugh. Like a carnival barker, seeing a prospective customer walking away, “Wait friends, there’s more” I posted…

See, I could have cowered with embarrassment, given in, given up or made excuses, but I didn’t. The fact is, I’m far more skilled with Coaching than Marketing. And, I’m ok with that.

Thank you friends, family and friends of friends for making this vulnerable, excited, technology-challenged woman feel great. And, thanks for your continued support and subscribing to this blog.

After another meeting with my ever-so-patient Web Designer, and a ‘cleansing breath” or two, my new and improved website was re-launched. I really hope you will “like” it!  Subscribe Please!

And that’s what happened!




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8 Responses to OOPS!

  1. Mary Kelly says:

    You are amazing sister dear!! excellent job, love, love,love reading everything you write.. You make me laugh.. To everyone who is following my sister Teresa Oefinger she is an amazing life couch!! I know from personal experience..

  2. Judy Adams says:

    Teresa you are amazing (I am), we are so proud of you!
    Love your cousin Judy

  3. Amy Bondanza says:

    You are the best, T! I can just hear your voice throughout this entire post. No worries, no worries, at all! I can’t wait to read all your wisdom in words!

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