This Week:

Now that school is out for the summer, learning doesn’t have to stop. In fact, it can be more fun when it’s something completely insignificant to State curricula or your profession.

Learn foreign phrases, a new song, a dance step, play a new instrument, read a new book on a subject you don’t know much about. Take a class. There are plenty of resources to support you in your learning. For example, Coursera is a program that offers amazing college courses free of charge. The professors are renowned experts in their fields of study. The courses are available on line and they’re FREE! I took a course on Genetics and Evolution. My husband is currently taking a guitar course, our friend and colleague has been taking philosophy courses.

Opportunities abound. Why not take advantage?

Why? Learning new things will keep your brain engaged, create new neural pathways and give you something new to talk about. It will make you more interesting.

Share how you keep learning.


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