Every December, after Christmas and before New Years, my husband and I pull out a notebook, a notebook currently filled with 29 pages. On these pages are 29 years worth of personal and professional dreams. Written in the form of goals, we enjoy reminiscing about what we’ve accomplished during the past.  And we chuckle about how simply we lived during those first few years of our married lives, sans children.

It started innocently enough in December of 1983. We were 26 years old and broke. A November wedding, modest though it was, depleted us of any savings. So the approaching New Year inspired us to take a look at our financial situation, develop a budget and in a year see what we were able to accomplish.

However, we also thought it would be fun to write about what we wanted to do, where we wanted to travel, how we wanted to be. We dared to dream and express those to each other. And there in started our own quest for how we wanted to live our lives.

But stuffing the pages away in a drawer and looking at them once a year is not the best way to manifest what you want. Those written desires need to be up front and present in the daily existence of our lives. A reminder of what’s possible.

Six month after January 1, 2013, I have made one of this years goals happen, hence the launch of my updated website and blog.

My intention is to use my gifts to help others live theirs. To inspire others to be present, live deeply and dream as large as possible, and make it happen.

This is an invitation for you to join me through this site for weekly inquires, challenges and action steps to emerge into your own greatness, desires and visions. It will be interactive and fun too.

Stay tuned!

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